What’s in a Name?

I have been spending a bit of time reading through legal mumbo jumbo to prepare for the next step of my journey into entrepreneurship.  To set up a cottage food operation to sell jams and jellies I’ve made in my home kitchen, I have to submit forms (with checks attached) to no less than three government entities. And those are not the only ducks I must get in a row. My new business needs a bank account, business cards, etc. There is a common theme to all of these things…a business name.

Before I spend all the time to complete forms and pay fees I need to nail down my business name. It would be most unfortunate to use a name that someone else had already claimed. So the next step was of course to file my fictitious business name or  DBA (doing business as).

The place to file is with the county clerk. The first step is to search business names to see if yours is already taken. I was pleased to see that my chosen name, Practical Providence, was not in use.

The form is fairly simple and the instructions are easy to follow. So very soon I had completed my form online and printed in quadruplicate to mail in with my check. Additionally, once the County Clerk – Recorder approves your filing, you will have to publicize it and provide proof of publication.

I’m sure a little information sharing goes on, because I received an offer from a local paper to take care of the publication and proof. So, step one done!

I’m done with the county for now I think. Next, I deal with the city…


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