New to Blogging

I have always wanted to write a great story. The first problem I always come up against is knowing what to write. The second problem I run into is switching to edit mode before I’ve finished, this usually leads to the death of whatever great idea I may have had. I’ve lived a few years now and I think perhaps I have enough experience to share. Blogging seems the most reasonable format to begin. So here I go.

I was kicking around ideas for the name of this blog for a few days. My first few ideas weren’t available. I was glad I could come up with something someone else thought was cool too, but I was also frustrated. And then, one night I woke up with the name, Practical Providence. I think it was a divine inspiration.

I looked up the word, Practical, and for an adjective it is really action focused. Pertaining to, consisting of, involving or resulting from action or ordinary activities, business, or work; designed for actual use or engaged or experienced in actual work are all included in the definition. The word, Providence meanings include a manifestation of divine care or a prudent management of resources or foresight.

Perhaps I’m unique in my fascination with the English language, but I really like what this portends for the future of my blog.

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